1. thevega

    Windows 8 Best clipboard manager

    Hi everyone! I want to present a helpful tool - Vega Clipboard Manager. We just finished version for Windows (32-bit and 64-bit) and need first users. This tool collect your clipboard history (all that you copy - text, images and html) and gives a opprunity to find needed information realy...
  2. N

    Windows 7 win7 "restore previous folder windows at login" - ticked but not working

    Sorry, I could see no way to search this forum. So I post. win7 "restore previous folder windows at login" is ticked, can show image proof if wanted. Yet explore windows suddenly will not restore at startup. Used to. Tried un-ticking it, restart, tick, restart - no joy. Search, googling...
  3. Identify Windows 7 Resources

    Identify Windows 7 Resources

    Identify Your System Resources: I review the basics of System Information, AIDA, Reliability Monitor, Resource Manager, and Event Logs. I identify the various tools which can be used to identify system properties, information, and hardware errors. These tools are valuable for sharing information...
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