Windows 10 Hard Drive Test


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Mar 25, 2016
How will I test a hard dive with , open sea chest .


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The page specifically calls out "for expert users". If you don't fall in that category I would recommend visiting your hard drive manufacturer page as they will often have DFT tools that are point and click.

I scanned it with Seagate sea tools for windows , it passed every test except one the long one it got to 9% after 2 hours so I stopped it . But this drive won't load with my other drive connected .

When I list diskpart to initialise my old hard drive , at first diskpart worked but when I entered list disk I got nothing .
It won
't even let me put any text at all in now .


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It won't shut down , until I disconnect the other hard drive .

Disk management doesn't show the drive , also I can't paste text on this forum . Something is sadly wrong .

Diskpart is working but when I put list disk it only shows my main hard drive , my main hard drive won't load unless it's on its own I attach the other drive when it shows my title .I would have thought you could find another drive that way .

Iv just restarted with both drives connected , a good 10mins and it still wont load . When I run EaseUS Partition Master it finds the drive straight away .

EaseUS doesn't say the other wants initalising , it doesn't show in bios , it won't load also what can it be .


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Just a thought, I am an oldtimer, don' laugh, but has it something to do with master/slave selection of the older IDE disks? They have a jumper to select CS/SLAVE/MASTER/-/PME.
Which disks are you talking about?

When I r/click the drive I get adjust disk layout , clone , wipe data convert to mbr . I can't see inialise disk . It also says suface test, is that a hard drive test ?

That spare drive should load , but it don't believe me.


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Back to the basics.
Test the drive on the computer of a friend, use the same apps for the test, then you know at least whether the drive or your computer is having a problem.

I'm on the old hard drive now , it works sometime .

Will EaseUS Partition Master be able to test my new hard drive , to see that its alright .

This new drive , I aint been using it for a while . Now when I try it ( I still have to disconnect he other drive for it still load , it also wants testing still . I have both drives connected at the moment but only one is showing in disk management also USEase partition master . I thought I would been able to add a new drive in USEase partition master but only one drive is showing .

In Windows Sea Tools for Windows it passed all the tests , in cmd it passed . So why won't it load windows with another hard drive connected ?.


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When i scan with Western Digital Dashboard , no hard drive shows .


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That Open Sea Chest , i opened it and extracted the files . Which didn't seem difficult the app is on my desktop now ready to use .


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