Windows 10 Hard Drive Test

.Yesterday the hard drive has just got two blue screens and re-started twice while i was searching online , i'v had 3 blue screens and restarted computers in the last 3 days . I think its the new hard drive .


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kemical , i'm just trying to find out whats wrong with this hard drive , if its faulty then i can return it . But its no use returning anything without proof of it being faulty .
Hi, apologies as i've just seen your post.

As it's a new HD, have you tried changing the SATA cable or trying a different port?

Also check for any firmware updates... What drive is it?
The small town where i get shopping etc , there used to be a computer shop there but its now shut . I will go to the nearest city tomorrow and see if they can help me test it .
When i click on the BSOD forum i get this forum , there is a folder with a hosts file , but it wont let me send it W7F_23-09-2022
What can i do now , are any of these any good . I followed the instructions as listed .


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I.v just went through what happens if theres no dump file , and run the W7 F again try that .


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