1. GetBroccoli

    Multiple BSOD

    Hi I've encountered regular BSOD, the types include whae_uncorrectable_error and system_service_exception. There is actually a third but I couldn't recall what it is. I've attached the dump files and I'm eager to begin troubleshooting. My machine uses a 2HDD and an SSD for the OS, and this...
  2. ThomasM

    Unable to install Windows 10 on a clean SSD

    Recently I swapped out my motherboard, RAM, CPU, and purchased a new SSD to install on with a Windows 10 disk. Prior to swapping parts, my system was absolutely fine, GPU included. I booted from the CD drive to install Windows 10, and everything seemed to go fine, and it "installed" the...
  3. I


    Hello, i expirience the WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR about once a day. I have seen other threads with various bug fixes, so i just assumed i'll post my dumpfile to get further information. I built my pc a while ago and had windows 10 for a while. Sometime the BS started and came more often. I...