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  1. aadorelala

    Windows 7 I need help with my laptop

    I already made this post on the actual windows support forum, but I haven’t gotten a response in half a month. I was watching YouTube on my laptop and decided to try updating to Windows 10 after failing many other times. Big mistake. I looked up many tutorials on how to update, which led me to...
  2. M

    Windows 10 Windows 10 is unable to install update (September 2019) and can't delete it

    Hello everyone, so I'm new to this forum and this is my first question for y'all and I hope someone can help me with this. So, I have the following problem, whenever I try to install the newest updates which show up when I check for updates the update from September: KB4522738 and KB 4516115 for...
  3. Eldiablo696

    Windows 10 Windows 10 update version 1803 not stopping its download.

    Check the attached image. Its been almost 1 hour since the update download reached 100% and its not stopping. It already consumed double the data that is required for completing the update.
  4. ragnarok1968

    Windows 10 Upgrade issues? Read this first!

    Install of 15042 reboots at 71% to 15031 Ok, it appears some folks get that dreaded issue whereby they get to say.. 71% into the installation of an update and nothing happens, the system update dies on you. Microsoft have released a way to prevent this, it was an issue marked with the release...
  5. ragnarok1968

    Windows 10 First Windows 10 Redstone 3 build sighted

    Article Microsoft is currently working hard on the next big update to Windows 10, which it’s calling the Creators Update. This will be the second release on the Redstone branch (Redstone 1 being the Anniversary Update). There is yet another release from the Redstone branch planned for later...
  6. kemical

    Windows 10 Windows 10 Build 1511 (10586) ISO

    Download Windows 10's November Build from Tech Bench
  7. S

    Windows 10 Upgrading to Windows 10

    Hello. I am using Windows 7 Pro and I want to upgrade it to Windows 10. As far as I know, to do this I need to reserve my copy that will be available after 29th July(not sure if it's correct). In any case, there should be windows 10 icon in the right corner of taskbar. And the problem's that I...
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