Windows 7 0x00000124 STOP bsod memory dump


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Mar 31, 2009
Well as the title says, I am receiving this blue screen in windows 7. The bsods occur randomly, I have had my computer idle for 5 hours, and just 10 minutes ago it crashed, a couple of days ago the computer would crash within 10 minutes. So the crashes occur randomly.

What I have tried so far is reinstalling my graphics card drivers, sound drivers and disabling my sound device in the bios. My computer is overclocked and 100% stable with intelburntest, prime95 blend, large fft and small fft, memtest86+ and OCCT.

I have scanned my hard drives for errors, none found. So this must be windows, driver or other software related. Windows XP for example never crashes, which makes me think of it more as a windows 64 bit problem as I have had the random crashes in vista 64 bit too, but not with bsod, it would then loop the sound and freeze everything and I would have to hard reset it.

I have one theorie, it might be my WLAN drivers, linksys does not have any 64 bit drivers available from their site for my wireless card so I downloaded the 64 bit drivers from Ralink. Vista would only crash with heavy network/internet activity which makes me think more of it as a wireless card issue with 64 bit.

So what could be causing this problem? Any ideas?

Asus Rampage Formula
Q6600 @ 3.6 GHz
2x2GB DDR2-1128
2x HD4850 @ 780/1125
WRT54G wireless PCI card
2x 320GB 7200 rpm
2x Samsung DVD-RW 22x
Hi there. I just stumbled across this thread after searching for a problem I am having. I'll give you a bit of background info.


Intel E8400 Overclocked @ 3.6Ghz (Same issue at stock 3Ghz)
ASUS P5Q-Pro (using onboard sound)
4Gb Kingston Dual Channel RAM
Radeon 4870 1Gb
Linksys WMP54GS Wireless PCI adapter
Windows 7 64bit build 7068 and now 7077.

My initial problems were poor internet connectiong. I was using the standard drivers that Windows installed for my wireless card and I was suffering for sever packet loss and dropped connections. This resulted in unplayable online gaming and extremely slow internet use.

I found a thread elsewhere which highlighted a problem with the Windows drivers for my wireless card and so I was directed to download drivers from the Ralink website for a different product (of which the Linksys cards chipset is based I believe). This fixed my problems and all was good.

Everything seemed fine for some time until recently when I would get random lockups. My mouse cursor will freeze, everything on screen will freeze, and if there was sound playing it will get stuck in a loop. Interestingly this never happens (or at least has not yet) during games, but only when on the desktop. Some examples of things I have been doing:

1 - Just browsing the internet
2 - Browsing internet, using photoshop
3 - Browsing internet, using photoshop and listening to Spotify (music stream software)
4 - Browsing internet and listening to Spotify

Now, as you'll notice, all of the above 4 points are using something which is using my internet connection. Which leads me to believe that you are right in saying that the Wireless card drivers are causing the problem.

I am going to try and ethernet connection tonight and disable my wireless card to see if I get the same issues and I will report back with my findings.

I see your post is 2 weeks old, have you had any luck in fixing it? If so I would be interested to hear what the problem was.

I have the exact same symptoms as you. Whenever I do something on internet, be it online gaming, bittorrent (seems to be the one that causes by far the most crashes) or just browsing the net. The crashes will occur randomly, so it is not necessarily related to heavy internet load, as loading a simple site can make windows crash and downloading a torrent at 600 kB/s does not make it crash for 3 hours straight.

I'll just buy a 30m lan cable and just run it through my house... No more random disconnects in XP then too :p.
The majority of my freezes have been when using Spotify which is streaming constantly (but not really a massive bandwidth hog).

I will let you know if connecting via lan cable fixes my problem.
I tried plugging in a cable and I still froze, I unstalled my wireless card so maybe a restart was needed, havent tried again though, what are your results?
I plugged my cable in and I DISABLED the wireless card rather than uninstall it. I was on my PC for about 3-4 hours last night and I didn't have a single freeze. The majority of that was playing games though and I haven't experienced a freeze while gaming even with the wireless card.

I am going to run it via ethernet cable for the next few nights to see if the wireless card is definitely the reason for the freezing.

I am sorry it hasn't helped you. It makes me wonder whether I was just lucky last night!

What exactly happens when it freezes for you? Does the mouse cursor freeze and do you get a loop of the sound (if there was any at the time of freeze)?
This time the crash was different than all the others, this time the sound looped for a second and I did not get to see the BSOD. It basicly shut down and turned itself on again, rather weird. I'm now going to try again with everything of the wireless uninstalled, if it still crashes I will try unplugging the wireless device.
Three nights now and no freezes connected via ethernet cable to the router and with the wireless card disabled.

I think I have found my problem, and I am putting it down to the Ralink drivers I was using. They work great but seem to cause these random crashes. Unfortunately the default Windows 7 drivers cause lag and packet loss :(
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