0x9F Power State Failure


I have shut down failure too! The shut down screen takes minutes and then my laptop restarts or just turns off the screen and I have to make a forced turn off. My desktop pc restarts after every shut down. Both of them has fresh installed Win7 32bit.
I found the Minidump folder and attached the files from it.

Please help me!


Hello and welcome. I've moved your post to its own new thread because each case is different and must be treated as such.

The issue is being caused by ESET. Uninstall it in safe mode with the tool found here:

AV Uninstallers - Windows 7 Forums

Reboot and install MSE to replace the antivirus.


Also uninstall Daemon Tools. Then use this installer/uninstaller to remove sptd.sys. Do not update instead while using. There's a choice:

DuplexSecure - Downloads

Reboot and install PowerISO to replace it. The disc emulation part of the software is free forever:

PowerISO - Create, Edit, Compress, Encrypt, Split, Mount, Extract ISO file, ISO/BIN converter, Virtual Drive


Update your Ricoh card reader drivers from your laptop manufacturer's website:

rimspe86 rimspe86.sys Wed Jul 01 19:50:14 2009
risdpe86 risdpe86.sys Tue Jun 30 06:28:26 2009

Do the same for the Conexant modem drivers:

VSTAZL3 VSTAZL3.SYS Wed Oct 15 20:30:03 2008
VSTDPV3 VSTDPV3.SYS Wed Oct 15 20:32:04 2008
VSTCNXT3 VSTCNXT3.SYS Wed Oct 15 20:29:13 2008

And finally, while there, install the latest ValueAdded Package.


Thanks for your help! I removed the Eset and it looks like it works, but it's quite weird, that I can not use Eset with Win7 and everything has worked fine for the first few weeks. I left the Daemon still on, but I you mentioned the ValueAdded Package what I googled and as I found it's for Toshiba but I have a Dell Vostro 1015.

Nah, not weird at all. Seen it literally hundreds or thousands of times.

I'd take care of the other issues to if I were you, or they are eventually going to cause troubles one way or another.

You're welcome and enjoy.

(Yep, forget the ValueAdded package then.)


Now my desktop pc fails to shut down some times, it just restarts. And the weird thing is that there is no minidump directory at all. What shuld I do? (I already removed nod and changed to mse.)

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