10 to 15 days arrive?!

I participated in the upgrade option from newegg on the 25th of sep. Just got an email that my order was shipped but would take up to 15 days to arrive. I live in oklahoma. Anyone else running into this??


Here is what I am talkin about!

I have not yet received email notice!

I pre-ordered back in June and have not heard from them since! I hope they have not lost my order. I suspect that their servers are overloaded, and that their people are too!


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You know, I pre-ordered my copy on the phone from microsoft store on the 20th of this month. They said it would be shipped via UPS ground on the 22nd, when the OS released. I recieved a confirmation email and of course the idiot spelled my name wrong on the billing information. So immedietly I opened a support ticket describing the mistake and correcting it, I didn't want any issues with billing because they didn't spell my name right (I even spelled it all out for him three times). They emailed me at 1am last night to inform me that I had to call to fix the issue.

I called today, had to wait 30 minutes on hold, (they had to transfer me to a supervisor) and then the supervisor tells me it doesn't matter that it was spelled wrong... So I ask whats the status of my order.. Apparently its not even shipped yet, they are still "preparing" the packaging, so it wont ship out til monday, I ask how long until I get it, and they tell me two weeks. W.T.F. ! I am so frustrated right now, I go through the trouble of pre-ordering and they can't even get it shipped in a decently fast time, and this is straight from microsoft. I feel really cheated right now as I ran every build of 7 from the first public release, and this is what I get for all my trouble.

This is all the result of out-sourcing tech support to people in another country who speak really weird learned english, it didn't sound like india but they all talked like they were robots, with some weird intonation. To think I was excited for this OS, this whole experience is just killing it for me.

Why did we get suckered into pre-ordering? what benefit did we recieve for pre-ordering? We don't even get gold star stickers, what a joke.

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