2 questions

1) i accidentally hit something in my music library and it isn't divided into folders anymore and i don't know how to get it back. it monitors the music on my local drive and the My Music folder on my Windows XP hard drive. now instead of showing it divided between folders, it shows it all as one. how to i get it to divide again?

2) i have a 320GB hard drive partitioned 3 ways. one of my partitions doesn't appear in my computer on 7, but it appears in my disk defragmenter with no drive letter. i have no way to access it. is there any way i can?

thanks in advance.


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1) you can drag new folders into your library as shortcuts ie one for music and another for movies say or click the "new library" button. Then you can move and delete folders in your libraries to how you want them.

2) that because it probably has the same letter as your win7 drive (c). All you have to do is change it to something else. Right click computer and click "manage" then go to "disk management" to do this.

i know that, but its set up different now. it looks like this now

and i want it to look the way it used to, like this (see how it's divided?)

2) thanks, i'll try that

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