2 Separate hard drives with 2 separate OS installed. How to configure in 1 computer

I have one SATA hard drive that is loaded with XP and runs great as the only hard drive installed. I also have a SATA hard drive that has Windows 7 installed and when I remove the hard drive with XP and physically swap to the hard drive with Windows 7 that also runs great. My questions is this: both hard drives are setting on my desk and each drive has a different OS system installed. I am tired of physically swapping hard drives to access the different OS.

I can attach both SATA drives to my motherboard but not sure what I do next. No doubt there is something I am going to have to do in the BIOS to get these hard drives to load on demand. I want to select which OS (hardrive) I will use on that boot up. Is there a simple explanation on how to do this?

Both OS programs are already loaded on it's own hard drive and both work individually. What is my next step or is this possible?

Appreciate any help I can get.

Do I have the hard drive with XP when I download this BCP2.0 or do I have the hard drive that has Windows 7 installed? Lot of reference to Vista software but very light on Win XP. Can you give me a step by step format to follow. I have no idea which hard disk or program that should have the EasyBCP software.

I, too, am retired from the US Navy after 32 years. Retired in 1990..Must have got more head wounds than I remember during my tour in Viet-Nam in 1969 because I am having a hard time trying to get two hard drives attached to my Dell computer and then being able to select which hardware I want to come up.

I can not give you a step by step as I use Vista Pro 3.3 boot loader, to select between Vista and W7
Maybe someone with this program will see this and respond

Appreciate your attempt to try and help. Hopefully, there will be someone that can walk me through getting my computer set up to load my hard drives.

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