2 versions of XP on hard drive how to tell which one's being used?


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Dear Anyone.

OK, so this is one of those questions where I'm going to feel a total plonker for not spotting the answer myself, so there's no need to point that fact out to me!

Hard drive with 2 versions of XP on it. One version won't install my software - a VST synth - it comes up with MSVCRT.DLL exception handler error messages galore. The other version installs it no problem, except my DAW's on the version that doesn't let me install it.

When I turn the computer on, it just comes up with a screen with 'Windows XP' on it twice and I can toggle between either and select which to boot up. The hard drive's in two halves, one called C: and one called D: Here comes the question you experts can answer after you've finished laughing.

All I know is one choice will take me to a version with a working MSVCRT.DLL that lets me install stuff, the other version won't. So I want to copy the working version to the folder where the bust version is. But I'm not sure which version of Windows starts up on which choice - remember, the initial screen is just blank save for for 'WINDOWS XP' on it twice, allowing me to choose between them then boot - and I don't want to copy the broken version to the working System 32 by mistake. Yes, I am dumb enough about all of this to pull something that stoopid.

How do I tell, for sure, WHICH version's starting up when I choose one of the two to boot from the initial screen that comes up when I turn on the PC? And once you know that, so you know for sure which one's got the working MSVCRT.DLL in, would you copy the WHOLE system 32 version into the version with the broken MSVCRT.DLL in, renaming the other one system32old or something, so you knew you had a fully working system32 folder in both versions?

Yours confusedly