32 bit or 64 bit OEM edition of vista?




I'm going to be upgrading my computer soon, and i'll be getting an intel core 2 processor, which i believe is 64bit (all core 2's are , no?). So is it better to ge tthe 64bit OEM version of Vista? whats the difference between them, does the 64bit one only run on PCs with 64bit processors? Does it run better?

Any help greatly appreciated!


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Good Qestion

I went to store and all Duo Core machines there are running Home Permium 32 bit. I have a 2.13 GHz 2 duo and am confused if I should ask for 64 bit version.

One note! If you get Home Premium you will no longer have a Fax Console. It only comes with Ultimate and maybe Business. I used to fax from inside documents but when I did the upgrade it no longer was possible, and to top it off Vista would not recognize or let me add the Fax printer that is in my Brother MFC-420CN.

:eek: :mad: :(

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