6.1.7600.16385 is Gold

We will know if the code is the same when there is a official build released. If you extract WZors iso and find the install.wim file in the sources folder, and compare the hash values with the official one, they should be the same if the code matches. This file is the payload of the iso.

The thing is they havent denied it like they did with 16384. We will have to wait and see.

The install.wim hashes match with the untouched OEM iso from Microsoft. This means that WZors iso is in fact the same thing from Microsoft. You can not modifiy this file and have the same hash values. In short if you are WZors iso you have nothing to worry about you have the real deal.


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Would somebody who has downloaded the TechNet copy of x64 please take the time to post a screen shot of the install.wim file in the iso for me. I would just like to confirm this once and for all. Let me know if you need some help with this. Thanks

Will gladly post just as soon as this sloth of a download finishes.

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TechNet download is very slow. This is exciting, can someone confirm 3758 was the final build? My worry is that the leaked version was a checked build (some debug code enabled). Looks like I will probably re-install for the most part...

Here is this for now.

I will post the info from hashtab when the download is done.


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Done and dusted then. Thanks sm0ke42o.

Lucky, I don't have a few thousand $$ to drop for a subscription... looks like it's the RC for me until I upgrade in October...

@ Greg

Correct me if I am wrong but I think that Drew got his via the Microsoft Connect Beta program and not MSDN. ;)

Also a technet subscription is only $260 after tax right now and I think only differs from MSDN in that you cant use the software in a production environment and only for evaluation purposes. So unless you need to use it at work for development, then technet would be just fine.

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