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Hi guys, I recently upgraded my cpu and mobo and hdd and installed w7 64 bit. I use Carbonite to back everything up and it works great except all my movie folders are empty. I was using 32bit w7 before i did the swap. The funny thing is i figured i would just go and get them off of my old hdd and same thing. The folders are all there but empty. Is this a 64 bit thing or what??????


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of course you did a clean install on the HD correct? The old HD is 32 bit and carbomite is also, correct? I am not familiar with the app so am flying blind.

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Yes it was a brand new hard drive that i used carbonite to restore my files. All the folders are there but empty. So i put my old 32bit hard drive in my pc which was running perfectly, the folders were there but empty as well. Theres something about 64 bit and 32bit avi files that dont jive. Is there something i can add to my system to make it see the files? Thanks

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