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gday I'm using version 7057 Beta, it looks very good and high def is brilliant, however Windows 7 is very slow loading to desktop getting stuck on Loading welcome screen for 2 to 3 minutes before loading desktop with pauses when loading devices and software, these pauses cause system to not respond when trying to open other files, but once desktop has fully loaded [4minutes] then everything is quite fast, then when i try ti install something, the Installer pauses while loading program for a couple of minutes, system freezes, then it will release all of a sudden and start Installing the program quickly then freeze again 2 minutes then finish Installing, once completed everything returns to normal, and is quit fast, the system freezes only occur while desktop is loading or when I Install another program, the [Rate this Computer] function doesnt work, and I have tried the Win7-Explorer-Fix and other registry fixes including turning off the windows Experiance program which I doubt was on to begin with, none of these things have worked! I have installed 7 on an Intel pentium 4, gigabyte motherboard dual core cpu 2gb ram 8600gt video card. any sugestions or fixes would be greatly apreciated thank you.:(

Sounds like faulty or corrupt W7 installation.

I'd use your "License to Kill" id to "waste" this installation and either install clean again or try build 7048. Ensure your Install ISO / DVD is good as well. If you used a "torrent" validate the checksum / SHA1.

Clear all junk of the machine first. Your experience is most unlike the majority of users on these forums with regard to performance of W7.




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version downloaded from Demonoid

I downloaded this version from demonoid and in the comments from previous downloads they say it works great, version is Windows 7 Beta 7057 Desktop.ini Fixer By GeXeH = 7057.0.090305-2000_x86fre_client_en-us_Retail_Ultimate-GB1CULFRER_EN_DVD

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just re-burn the ISO and do a completely clean install with standard options (select your keyboard of course).

If you use a DVD+RW you can re-use --saves wasting discs but they are quite cheap anyway).

Your hardware should run this stuff quite fine.

Disconnect any external USB devices etc the first time you boot up. 4 Minutes before you can use the computer sounds terrible -- even ploddy vista wasn't that bad.



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Thanks Jimbo

Thanks I'll give it ago, let you know the results later! 007 over and out.

This sounds like the SATA bug.

This bug affects if you install Windows 7 to any disk other than SATA0, but it only seems to happen on certain chipsets (I don't know which ones).

If you can, install it to a partition on your primary hard disk.


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Solution resolved!!!

:cool:Thanks Mystere Your description was correct, I have reinstalled to ide Drive and windows 7 is running perfect, an incredible operating system, the high def is perfect, far better than Vista, the only sad part is having to reinstall it all over again next year when the license runs out, hopefully i can get another License to Kill by then so i wont have to, thanks for the advise, I think I'll have a Martini shakin not stired, regards 007.

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