Windows 7 .7057 4Gb installed (3Gb usable) in 64bits


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Mar 18, 2009
I recently upgrade from 7000 build to 7057, and I discover that in the basic computer parameters screen, appear that in memory ram installed 4000 mb but only 3000 usable.
since windows vista I usually have the 64 bits OS, because I know that in 32bits don't recognize all the memory installed, but isn't my case.

I try to check the Bios version, but the problem is only in this build, so if anyone Know about this problem help me.

I also had this problem, and still do.

At first, I had Win7 7057 32 bit installed, I formatted the hard drive and installed Win7 7057 64 bit.

In my computer, it said I have 4.00GB of RAM (3.12GB Usable) So I was like WTF? Turns out my BIOS was out of date because when I booted, it said "3200MB OK" So I updated the BIOS and now it says "4096MB OK" Which is great!

Then I go to my computer and now it says 4.00GB of RAM (2.87GB Usable)! It went down?! (Although, my processor speed went from 3.00Ghz to 3.06Ghz.... go figure)

So I would really appreciate some help on this topic as well!
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