8.1 Updates for existing users


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As most users are aware 8.1 has now been released to the general populace. If however you were running 8.1 prior to the release due to a Technet or MSDN account then do check Windows update as some updates have been released to coincide with the general availability of the RTM. One is even a 230mb 'under the hood' bag of improvements although what exactly they are I've yet to find out.
Metro apps are also getting updates and if you open the Store, click the settings charm, near the top look for 'app updates' click that and then click 'check for updates'. There is around 20 updates or so..

Glad to see you posting....thanks for the heads up.


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I am disgusted that I can not make a backup 8.1, since I no external usb drives. Why do they have to make so hard for us?

If you just talking about a system backup, there's plenty of 3rd party software out there that can do that.....either a system image or clone the whole HDD. If your talking about the recovery disks....those would have to have been made under windows 8.


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It has never been advisable to put your backups on the same HD as your OS, even in a different partition. If the HD fails, your backup fails as well. It is my belief that the 3rd party apps work better anyway. I use Acronis True Image 2013 very effectively.

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