8Gb RAM but only 2Gb usable


I recently installed a new 1 Terra Hard Drive on my computer and I am currently running Windows 8 Pro. But sadly since these changes I have been noticing that my PC has been slow, I went to check my settings and saw, that only 2gb out of 8gb (RAM) were usable and that the 6gb were reserved for hardware.

Appreciate Help,
Thank You.

I am running 32 bit

How do I change to to 64 Bit?

You can't change it, you'll need to purchase the 64 bit OS. Where did you get you 8 Pro copy from?

I have a friend that works at Microsoft that got Windows 8 Pros, and he gave me one. Sorry for the late reply

See if you can get him to get you a 64 bit copy....

Ok thank you for the help. One more thing, I do not know why but it is telling me that my Windows is not activated. I had it active before on my old hard drive that got infected, any way I could extract the key I had there?

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Sorry for the Trouble jus realized that I used a 32 bit CD I must have a 64bit one at home.
One last question, there might be the Windows activation problem again. Is it possible to buy a student activation code online wihtout the box or CD?

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