A CD/DVD device driver is missing


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So i have win 10 installed i used easyBCD to boot from win 7 iso but when clicked on install windows it showed that driver missing error.I am not using usb for installation so i think usb drivers won't work.Which drivers i need to install to get it working? I am booting from a iso file


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Would need to know the full system specs to know what drivers you need to inject into the image


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Screenshot (67).png

Screenshot (68).png

Is it enough or you need information about something else?


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The optical drive driver is often a generic Windows driver. Have you run sfc /scannnow or dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth? The driver may be corrupted, or I would look in device manager and get the device code being reported to further troubleshoot.


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CD/DVD drive missing can be caused by various reasons like Windows 10 update, corrupt driver, out of date firmware, or a factory defect. You say you just upgrade to Windows 10, it might be the culprit. You can try the tips below to see whether it's working:
1. reinstall or update device driver
2. uninstall IDE ATA/ATAPI controllers in Device Manager
3. make changes to the Windows 10 registry.