Insider Preview A few questions about the new build?

Discussion in 'Windows 10 Help and Support' started by MikeHawthorne, Jan 27, 2015.

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    I'm sitting here making the second backup of everything on the drive I'm going to install the new build on.
    I'm a worrier, what if my backup drive failed right after I wipe my hard drive? LOL

    Unfortunately I installed all of my Windows 10 software on this drive so I have to format it and restore my backups for my original Windows 10 install before I can do the new one, (the drive got formatted Dynamic when I was messing around so now I have to redo the whole thing).

    Anyway when I get done I'm going to install the new build on the drive that had Windows 8 on it, leaving the current build on my second hard drive until I get everything up to date.

    A few questions while I work my way through this.

    Are peoples keyboard lights working in the new build?

    Has anyone had sound issues with the new build using a Creative sound card?
    (I've had problems updating since Windows 8.1 with my sound and may need to stay with my current drivers.)

    If I do need to keep my current working drivers how would I move them from my current Windows 10 install to the new one?

    This is one of the reasons I don't want to remove my present install, I'm in the middle of a project and need my sound working correctly, if I have to I can boot to a setup that works.

    Anyway I'm looking forward to getting into the new version.

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    I cant answer all.

    The keyboard lights are working now.
    I have now installed the latest build on a few laptops and a stationery. Although one of the Laptops is about five years old, I have not had any problems with Windows 10 finding the drivers for any of the computers, so maybe you need not worry on that one.

    I am sure a member can come in on the Creative issue. I have no experience with them.

    A suggestion. Can you not squeeze in another partition somewhere, and move all your needed stuff over?
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    Yes...they are finally working and correctly.

    I just did a clean install of windows 10 9926 and let windows install the drivers for everything...hardware to. It's running smoothly.

    I just went through what you talking about....I had two hdds one with 8.1 and one with 10 tp 9879.....I kept the 9879 drive and did a clean install of windows 10 9841 on the drive that had 8.1, then went through the upgrade process from the new build section.....and that's when all hell broke loose. I forgot to disconnect hdd that had 9879 on it and, well both drives got dorked up, MBR jumped hdd's and then on a restart I got "restoring previous windows" message which took me back to 9879. So 9879 MBR was on one drive and the OS on the other. It made loading window damn near impossible.

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