About Videos And Youtube!!!


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Guys i want your help so i can solve my problem.My problem is when i create a video and i make it an HD video , the video is very big , for example a 5 min video is 120 mb , so when I upload it to youtube it needs a lot of time........Is there a program that i can make the video smaller and to keep HD ??? Please reply...


Simple answer to that question is no. At HD resolution, 5 minutes @ 120 MB is small enough as it is.

You can try out AutoMKV to create smaller files, but not really recommended at HD res.

I too seriously doubt a 5 min HD video can be shrunk lossless, but you can try converting it to a flash format such as .flv / .swf


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Yeah , i have sony vegas , there i make videos and then i go to any video converter and i make it flv because some videos are 2g and when i make it to flv the videos are smaller .... so i think i can't make the video smaller , thanks..

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