Access to folderms after computer name change

I recklessly changed the name of my computer in win7 enterprise 64 bit when I reinstalled after new HD so it didn't match the name used in previous install. Result is that i dont have access to some folders after reinstall and restore from backup. Need some step by step instruction on how to restore access. I realize the permissions must be modified, but not sure how to do it.

Thanks in advance.

Lisa in NYC

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Hi Lisa,

Yup. Seen this before. I would suggest that you backup any Personal Information to external media from this computer if you haven't already done so. Then proceed to reinstall from your Recovery Disc or Recovery Partition to reinstall your win7 enterprise 64bit. Then re-enter the original Computer name you had originally; e.g.: JACK-PC, or JILL-PC, or similar. Reboot your computer and it should then rejoing the correct Workgroup or Homegroup (see detail below for further explanation).

This should reset all your permissions. However, Windows7 Homegroups are very quirky, so if your have one or more ADDITIONAL WINDOWS7 computers on your home network, you will need to take additional steps. Basically, you have to identify the FIRST Win7 computer *desktop or laptop* that got installed in your home network. Physically go to that computer and go into Homegroups and print or write down the Homegroup password for your home network. On the newly reinstalled Win7 enterprise 64bit computer, go to "JOIN A HOMEGROUP", and enter the Homegroup password you pulled off of the first win7 computer installed in your network. If you have any other non-Win7 computers on your home network such as XP or Vista, this shouldn't be required.

Also, if this doesn't fix it, and you write back for more help, please provide the EXACT Make/Model of the Computer you are having this difficulty with. If you need more detailed step-by-step, write back and I'll try to provide you some links.

Best of luck to you,


Hi Bigbearjedi, (great name, by the way!)

So I totally understand what you are saying, but was hoping to avoid reinstallation -- I do have backup image of recent install -- but wanted to avoid reinstalling all the rest of the stuff, and and the other personalisations I've done, and just redone. Or, are you just saying to reinstall on top, and not to erase, reformat, and reinstall.

Another issue: So... I do have other Win 7 computers in my HomeGroup, but the original computer is either this one (before I dropped it and had to get a new hard drive, etc), or another that doesn't exist anymore. So even if this computer is original, I probably joined it to Homegroup after. Can I just pull the others off for now so I don't have additional computers on Homegroup. Any additional suggestions.


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Changing the PC name should not have any effect on perms at all.

Add "Take Ownership" to your context menu (Windows Explorer RIGHT-click menu), then take ownership of the stubborn folders/files.

See if that works.

Regards. . .


That did the trick. Thank you jcgriff2!


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Glad to hear it, Lisa.

Thanks for posting back with the outcome - much appreciated.


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Sounds like you got it fixed Lisa. Thx JC! I was just getting ready to Post back. Usually, re-ownership doesn't fix these types of problems..but sometimes they do.


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