Accessing data on Sata External HDD

Once I finished loading WIN 7 RC this past weekend - I attempted to copy some files from an old XP Pro Drive via USB Ext HDD to my new DELL Studio XPS machine. The XP machine died a couple of weeks ago. I am able to see and access the files from the old C; drive but when I attempt to connect the other Sata Drive, which was the D: (Non OS) drive with my files on it, nothing showed up. The external drive was recognized (J:) as a Dynamic drive but no data or files were visible. While I could Format it and convert to a basic drive - I'd lose all the data on it. Is there anything I can do to make this data visible? Secondly, on the old (C:) drive, is there a way to universally change the Share permissions on all folders and subfolders so that I can accesss those files? I have administer rights on both the old and new machine but when I attempt to change sharing - it only changed the rights for the top folder, not the sub folders, or the files within that folder. periodically, WIN 7 asks if I would like to change or take ownership - but that doesn't change the subfolders even though I have selected (checked) the subfolder box.

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