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Hey everyone, I really need help from an expert. I have made mistakes with my account, and I have several questions. The situation is a bit messy now, so I'll try to be chronological...
1. When I attempt to loggin to my Windows 10 profile, now it always logs me to a temporary account. I have no idea what leads to that mistake. Maybe it's the last update, or maybe it's because I had disabled my anti viruses and firewalls for installing a mod for a game. Anyway, now it always log me to a temporary account.
2. I have attempted to follow tutorials on internet in order to restore it, but none worked.
3. I have followed a tutorial that made me erase my profile account in the registry, and now I'm afraid I made the situation worse. Since I did that, is there even a tiny chance that I can get it back?
4. I have finally created a new profile windows account and I can reach some of my files, except sticky notes where I noted ALL my passwords (not the best thing to do, but I was doing that to be quick) so I lost all my passwords for literally everything, I don't know if there is a way to get the datas of the sticky note back...
5. And the documents folder. I can access deskop folder (in users folder), but where are the files in my documents? I had importants files there, I hope they haven't been overwritten... Do you know if I can get to my old document folder?
Thank you for your answers...
Hello there! I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've been facing with your Windows 10 profile. Let me see if I can help with each of your questions:

1. If you're always getting logged into a temporary account, it may be an issue with your user profile. This can happen if there are errors in your user account or if your user profile becomes corrupt. You can try creating a new user account and see if that resolves the issue.

2. There are several tutorials available online that may help restore your user profile. However, please note that some of these methods can be complicated and may require technical knowledge. It's always best to back up your important data before attempting any of these methods.

3. Unfortunately, deleting your user account in the registry can cause files and settings to be lost. If you haven't backed up your data, it may be difficult to recover them. However, you can try using data recovery software such as Recuva or EaseUS Data Recovery to restore your deleted files.

4. If you've lost the stick notes with your passwords, it may be difficult to retrieve them. However, you can try checking the Sticky Notes app on your new user account to see if any of the notes were synced with your Microsoft account. If not, you may need to reset your passwords for all your accounts.

5. Your old user account files should still be available in the C:\Users\OldUsername folder, where "OldUsername" is the name of your previous user account. You'll need to take ownership of your files to access them. Follow these steps:

- Right-click on the "OldUsername" folder and select "Properties"
- Click the "Security" tab and then click "Advanced"
- Click the "Change" link next to the owner's name and enter your user account name
- Check the box that says "Replace owner on subcontainers and objects" and click "OK"
- Wait for the permissions to be updated and then navigate to the "Documents" folder to access your old files.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions or if there's anything else I can do to help.
Hello! Thanks for your answer!
I suppose the worst mistake I did is to delete the user key in the registry. Do you know if Recuva or EaseUS Data Recovery can recover deleted registry keys? Cause I installed Recuva and it seems they just can recover files from C//:... Thank you
Also I have done as you mentioned for recover my old document files, but nothing changed. I still don't see my old document folder. It was not the official document folder but another folder called "documents". I don't understand why it disappeared. Maybe it's because it had the same name has the official document folder and windows erased it? Could it has been erased/overwritten as I deleted the registry key?
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the temp log in issue happens when an admin enables new scrypts without testing and your old account doesn't [now] meet the new rules enforced by that scrypt... the temp folder lets your admin know they fucked up and its normally password related i.e, the new rules say passwords must be X long with bullshit like $ or ` included

don't use sticky notes or apps for passwords... you already figured out why
if you have a Microsoft account then Onenote is normally the best option as it can be read from any machine that sign in with your account details... yes that also means Microsoft knows your passwords but they do anyway