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Due to the BSOD on my laptop and having a boot configuration data missing message (I have tried unsuccessfully to fix that), I cannot login and access the pictures on my laptop. However, through troubleshoot, I can click on the command prompt. I am logged in there as Administrator X:\windows\SYSTEM32\cmd.exe The prompt is: X:\Sources> I would like to access the following pathname from there but I have not found a way to get there:

The happy face above is actually a colon and closed paren : )
Any assistance is MOST appreciated.
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this was posted as a response to my first post. I have since edited my first post to reflect the change. Sorry!
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The drive letters are logically assigned meaning they can change depending on what you boot from. I would boot to safe mode if you need to back up data.


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Boot into Safe mode from switched off:
Switch power on and during the first signs something is alive press power off for 10 sec's
Repeat this another two times
Let start up complete the third time, if something is left over you should seen a screen with a Trouble Shoot option
Select Trouble Shoot and continue from there