Acer AO722 BSOD windows 7 64 home premium help

Hi all

First time posting here but I made sure to read all the threads on how to post first so hopefully I got it all right. I've gathered all the information required for BSOD and attached the zipped file.

I've got kind of a weird situation for my BSOD's. I'm using a Acer AO722-BZ610 netbook with windows 7 home premium 64 bit. However I've just picked it up from Acer after having it fixed under my travellers warranty. I was getting some bad overheating issues. I brought it in once and the problem was still there. I've just received it back for the second time and they replaced the whole motherboard which is not the same as the first one. Before my AO722 had an AMD C-50 APU now it has an AMD C-60 which was a nice free upgrade. But I'm obviously having problems. Not of the overheating kind though yet it seems.

I picked up and it was working fine. They had formatted and reinstalled windows 7 which I expected and I proceeded to get all the windows updates first. Then I proceeded to install all my regular programs. I used Ninite to install many and once and this seemed to work fine. It wasn't until I installed my media player 'daum potplayer' where it prompted me to update my directx from here

DVB Support Download Center » Others » DirectX Runtime 06/2010

which I did. Soon after I had my first BSOD so that is the leading suspect for me. Though at the same time I was just installing Dungeons and Dragons online. So that could have done it too. I'm just speculating. From there I got 3 BSODs virtually in a row after rebooting. All with the same error message I believe. Except for the last which was different. Hopefully it's all there in the zipped logs.

Anyways any and all help is deeply appreciated. I'm currently travelling and need to move on asap. But I don't want to move on yet if I yet again need to bring in my netbook for repairs.

Thanks very much and if any more information is needed please ask.


Hi all,

I didn't want to bump this right away but it's been a week with no bites. I'm in desperate need of help as this is my only laptop I have while I'm travelling. The frequency is getting bad again with the BSODs.

Any help is appreciated.


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Hi Brolly, The CPU-Z shots are blank. Can you re-do the screenies but r-click CPU-Z and select run as Administrator before you open it up.

Right sorry about that. Here is the updated proper CPU-Z screenshots.

Thanks very much for the help.


Bump. Anything else I can do to let me know.

Is there anyone out there who can help me?


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I'll see if I can rustle up a RAM expert for you.

My last attempt at asking for help on this board after a month. If anyone is available to shed some light on these bsods.

If no more responses mods feel free to delete this thread and I will try another site.

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