ACER ICONIA 484G64ns, w7, 2nd screen, clear type problem

Just bought Acer iconia dual screen tablet. Turned on and after while I notified that text on bottom monitor is blurry. 3hours discovery and finaly found the PROBLEM. Second screen true orientation is bottom up. This screen uses windows orientation landscape (flipped), so normaly would this screen display text bottom up ;-))), hard to believe how much ingenuity acer engineers and designers showed....
Both screens are driven by single Intel graphic card, both has same subpixel orientation (RGB I guess...) measured from letf top corner. But as bottom screen is flipped (180degrees rotated), clear type sw render engine begins render from opposite side and text is very hard to read.
Setup clear type for second screen doesn't work, went over all steps of clear type wizard, select proper sample, apply and ... no change, still same problem.
Temporarily I've disabled clear type and all font antialias magic (which haven't applied everywhere in W7).... so screen looks bit funny, but it is not funny, cause this is rather expensive device and here are my questions:
1. how Acer Iconia dual passed Windows HW compatibility test, since it is NOT W7 compatible ?
2. any update or fix on horizon to resolve clear type on rotated monitor ?


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