Action Center Flag: Backup Issue.....?!?!?


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Hi Folks...

1st I'd like to say I've searched for a thread/topic and couldn't find one with was similar to my problem... I have some jpgs. to better illustrate what I'm talking about, what bugs me sometimes about the PC in general is, something that was working w/no problems before now all the sudden has unexplained issues....

I've backed up my PC 3 or 4 times since installing Windows 7... now all the sudden I can't... I do have Nero 9 w/Nero backit up 4 installed, which for some reason likes to impose its will on my desk top whenever... but that was there from jump.... I did search for a solution with the error message to no avail.... so here are the pics.

so here is the Problem Sig.:

Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: sdclt.exe
Application Version: 6.1.7100.0
Application Timestamp: 49ee923c
Fault Module name: ntdll.dll
ExceptionCode: c0000005
Exception Offset: 000000000005056e

Can someone help....

PS... I can still backup with Nero however, I like to know why this is happening....



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were you using windows backup in an automatic capacity?
to what type of media were you backng up?

I notice on the error report that Nero Start Smart is listed. I have personally had alot of trouble with Nero products in the past, which sucks because I do enjoy the functionality of some of their stuff. I would attemp to uninstall all of Nero and then see if your problem persists. If this solves your problem try to reinstall Nero using the custom option and only install the portions you need.


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Hi text...

No, I don't like any of my apps. running on auto... reason being is I like to see exactly what's going on during any apps. process this includes the MS security D/L's...

I was attempting a complete PC backup... not to save or protect information (since I just recovered from a major hacker infiltration and have no info to protect), but to test the ability to backup.... the hacker made my computer a domain made him/herself the Admin, with that he/she stopped my backup/restore options on my sys....

I'd also like to understand why after submitting the problem online for a solution.... I am having trouble finding the status of the issue from Microsoft....?!?!? Or maybe since this is a beta that part of the OS is not operational at this time...

I'm going to post on the Nero site to see if the Backit up 4 supersede the Window 7 backup process... Although I can't see how this is possible... In the past MS was always the patriarch with regard to what apps took president, if any thing I would have expected a prompt for proprietary use... Of course I could be wrong....

thanks for the quick comeback...



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What were you attempting to back up to?
Perhaps this is damage caused by whatever malicious code was employed to crack your system?
One thing I can tell you for certain is that Windows Backup or whatever they call it was fully functional even in the Beta and certainly in the RC.
This damage is probably a registry change but i'm the wrong person to tell you where to look. Is a clean install going to be a big project?

I don't think microsoft is responding to any support requests for the RC/Beta that ia probably why your not seeing your issue status from MS.


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As I stated my backup is only the 3rd party apps... no video, pics... music.... just network magic, iolo sys mechanic, Nero 9, HP Printer, Lavasoft... and Kaspersky.... that's why I know I don't have any embedded malicious code I destroyed all previous backups.... this is a clean install....

I'd hate to tell you what I've been through with this hacking issue... I can only say that I'm now an simi-expert on group policy remote access prohibition.... furthermore, I suggest to all that Kaspersky is the best security software hands down, in regards to warning me that I had a problem 9mons ago... I just didn't know how to stop the invaders... now that I have been through trial by fire, Kaspersky has issued no warnings like before (that and my newly found gpedit powers)... I feel safe that the Hacker are tamed....

I think the problem started with me getting tired of Nero forcing it's self on my desktop for a backup.... so when I finally capitulated and ran a backup with Nero, I now found that I can't get MS to do a complete back up.... as I said, I'm still waiting for Nero to comeback... they're not as responsive as the MS forums unfortunately...

again Text thanks for the quick comeback....

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Either your cracker or Nero changed some settings and now you have to get them set right.
If you don't get any help from Nero's board post back here and we can try some things.