Action center flag icon and other nuisances

I just started using windows 7 and I some problems are driving me nuts.

First the disc mount widget on the tray again. Why are they so darn slow to show? Is there something I'm missing, or is that just how they are? Is there something I can disable to make it show up as fast as XP?

Next is silverlight. I know it's not technically part of windows, but it is designed for it. Why does this thing need the Tablet PC service running or else it crashes the browser? I don't have a tablet pc! Is there some secret setting for silverlight that will disable this need?

Finally there's the icon that won't go away. I disable some unneeded services and now a flag with a red x won't go away. I understand by design some services you don't otherwise need might be needed by other components, but there must be a way around it. I don't want the action center notices, and I don't need anybody telling me that I do. Also, I'm aware of hiding icons; that simply creates another unwanted icon and a behavior I do not want overall. I have my own hardware and software to take care of things my way. And I hate it if there is no choice about it. Is there anything??


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You need to back way up and be more specific.

SilverLight is something I do allow to load, so I am not familiar with it.

Your disk mount image comment is something I have not seen, so you will need to go into a more descriptive explanation of your situation.

The red x I have no idea about, but if you right click, you may be able to adjust the settings to not show the messages you seem to be having a problem with.

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