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    This tutorial will allow you to add template files of any type to the New menu when you right click on the desktop. Anything in the existing template file will automatically be in the newly created file.

    I'm going to add a template batch file that simply contains the batch command @echo OFF to turn off echoing command execution.

    Here is the template batch file
    and the content

    Now copy the "Batch File.bat" file to "C:\Windows\ShellNew" (Requires administrator access)
    Next we need to edit the registry to load this in the New menu
    Open regedit.exe
    You can edit one of the following

    (Edit this if you want the change available to all users)

    (Edit this if you want the change only available to the current user)

    Right click on .bat and select New Key
    Name it ShellNew
    Right click on ShellNew and select New > REG_SZ and name it FileName
    Double click on FileName and enter the name of your template file in this case Batch File.bat

    I also created a REG_SZ value called IconPath which lets you set the menu item icon I set it to cmd.exe

    Now open a regular command prompt and type these two commands
    taskkill /f /im explorer.exe
    start explorer.exe

    That's it! now right click on the desktop and select New and you should see your new file template
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