Windows 7 Added New HD, now Win 7 won't boot


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Jun 5, 2009
I had everything running great in win 7 rc, then I decided to add in a new HD and win 7 would not boot.
So I put everything back the way it was, and win 7 still won't boot.

I have 2 500GB SATA Intel Matrix RAID set I created when I first installed win 7. The RAID set comprises 2 partitions. The first partition C: drive contains my OS and other supporting files and the other partition D: has other files and stuff. I also have another stand alone 160GB SATA drive E: which was currently empty.
So the boot order in my BIOS was:
RAID Volume 1
RAID Volume 2

What I did was simply hook up an 80GB IDE drive that was already installed in my computer. The jumper is set to Master and I went into the BIOS to make sure the drives were in the correct boot order since adding the IDE drive automatically sets that drive as the first HD.
So I configured my drives in the BIOS as this:
RAID Volume 1
RAID Volume 2

After configuring the BIOS and restarting I get a message something like (paraphrasing):
"Boot Media Not Detected
Insert proper boot media and press any key to continue:"

Just pressing a key brings up the same message.

So I decided to disconnect the IDE drive and set up the BIOS the way it was before I tried to hook up the IDE.
Well I don't understand what's happening, but I keep getting that message. And I can't boot into windows as before.

Anybody know what's going on?
Am I all alone here?
There isn't a single sole on this board that has had any issues like this?
What's up with this place?
All i know is that your windows 7 is corrupted and wiped or your hard drive is corrupted and wiped.
Sounds like the drive your os is on is not set "active". the drive/partion that is currently active has no bootable os.
Happened when you added/removed the 80 gb ide drive. You'll need a partition manager or something like FDISK to look at the partitions and set your boot os partition to "active". Has happened to me several times.
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