Windows 7 Administration software policy?

Hi there I hope someone knows this but is there a good software out there that helps you set policy and restrictions on your PC? Like Novell but less expensive and for your desktop.

I have found a couple but it does not have things like disallowing someone to use f8 or anything like it to by pass the secruity. Like to know that when the software is install the user cannot temp with the setting before windows 7 boots up. I remember that with Novell you can't do anything like that it just boots up and then you have to log in.

Anyway let me know what adminstration software has this feature and one that is not so expensive! $69 is around how much it cost for this for the other ones I found..

Here is one that I found but like to know if there are better ones? with more features. A Kiosk mode will be nice.
1st Security Agent - security and password tools - free downloads

Also there is siteKiosk 8 but it has update fees if you want to upgrade to the next version like from 7x to 8 then for non profit you pay $49 that is expensive!



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Can you use Local Computer Group Policy? (gpedit.msc on the clients)

This is going to let you do a lot on one PC, but will be a pain without Server 2008. Windows SBS 2008 is genuinely a decent management environment for Windows 7 client, but now the price goes up. Microsoft Systems Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) is another one. For full control, you are going to want to look at ways to get Windows Server 2008 R2 on there. You may find that many software management tools for the clients simply make editing the local computer group policy easier.

Hi mike thanks for reply, yes I don't like managing the policies and all its complication. And I don't have windows server and have use it and its complicated. So hoping someone might know of a good software that can help you with that and make life easy for you while doing it! :)

So if you know of any can you pls tell me that is very secure and not so expensive. :)

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