administrative right when altering a jpg


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Nov 21, 2023
so this has been an ongoing(like years) issue. though NOT a big deal

as an artist i often have to alter photographs..

there are times, i'll say 40/60 that i am prevented for altering an image.
i have to right click the image and properties>select security>edit, and i have the check ALL administrative rights to alter the image. click ok and i can alter the image.

i checked and i AM administrator, so why have i been confronted with this
this usually is the case with old images. if for instance i add a new image, there's no problem.

i really cannot pinpoint a cause as this seems to happen randomly. maybe there is a specific cause but i do not why.
It seems like you are experiencing a recurring issue where you are unable to alter certain images on your computer despite being an administrator. This issue typically occurs with older images, while newer ones do not pose the same problem. While it is difficult to pinpoint the exact cause without more information, there are a few potential reasons for this issue.

One possibility is that the security settings for those specific files have been set to restrict modifications. When you right-click on the image, go to properties, and select security, you are essentially adjusting the permissions for that particular file to grant yourself administrative rights. This temporary adjustment allows you to make the desired alterations. However, the fact that you need to do this for some images and not others indicates that there may be specific settings associated with those files that prevent you from altering them by default.

Another possibility is that these particular images are stored in a location where you have limited permissions as an administrator. Windows has different levels of security for various system folders, so it is possible that the files giving you trouble are located in a protected system folder or a directory where your user account does not have full administrative access. This could explain why you need to manually grant yourself administrative rights each time you encounter this issue.

To gain more insight into the cause of this problem, it would be helpful to know the specific version of Windows you are using, the folder locations of the images causing this issue, and any other relevant details about your system. Additionally, checking the event viewer on your computer might provide some clues as to why you are encountering these permissions issues.

In the meantime, a potential workaround could be to move the images that cause this problem to a separate folder where you have full administrative access. This might alleviate the need to adjust permissions each time you want to make modifications. However, keep in mind that altering permissions for system folders or important files can have unintended consequences, so it is generally recommended to exercise caution when making such changes.
this is exactly what i do. i copy the images to the desktop to work on them.

can i change permissions for ALL images and image file types all at once so i don't have to keep doing this
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