Administrator Privalages


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How do i give myself Administrator privaleges on a guest account ! I am trying to acquire full control and turn my guest account into an admin account ! Any EASY way of acquiring such a task ?

The OS in question is a Vista


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How can i see if the OS has a copy of the ADMINISTRATOR Password written in the computer files ? The computer in question belongs to me, but my brother set up the guest account wrong ! And, i cannot get a hold of him ! Anyways, i would like to retrieve the admin password and re-set up the accounts ! I am on this computer as we speak ! But, I am limited by what i can do here ! Any help ?


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Thank you for posting your question here. Your membership and continue participation in these forums is greatly appreciated.
However; as I'm sure you will understand, as there is no way for anyone to determine the authenticity of your claim of ownership of the computer in question, please appreciate from an ethical standpoint it would be difficult to provide you with the information and answers you are asking for and it may very well violate forum rules and terms of service. No one is accusing you of anything and no one means any disrespect, it's just something that we generally do not do.
There are other resources available to you and answers to be had. I hope you are able to resolve your issue.
Good luck and best wishes