After crash, profile and files lost

Computer went automatically to sleep, and never came back. Had to shutdown... profile got corrupted and logged as "temporary profile". So I created 2 new accounts, logged to one of them, copied all my old things to the other new account and logged to that account.
The problem is that all my profile from thunderbird, firefox and outlook are lost. But not just miss configured, but DELETED!! I lost thousands of emails from 2002 to today....
Chrome was also running and now even Chrome.exe has disappeared from all hard drives...
How in the HELL can this happened????!?!? :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:


no one has any similar issue? or solution? can I recover files from the lost profile?

still looking

no one?? how can profiles files from Firefox, Thunderbird and outlook disappear from the hard drive?? lost? forever? :(

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