After Installing Windows 7 Screen Monitors Turn off and ON

Every since I installed Windows 7 every lets say 10-20 minutes, one of my two monitors (have two monitors side by side) Will flash black into standby mode as if its lots the signal for about 4 seconds then comes right back on. this happens to both of my monitors but never at the same times. I have the latest drivers for my video card, IS anyone else having this problems? its so annoying and would love some feedback, please. thank you


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There have been issues with dual monitors.

I'd suggest you check you power settings in Control panel or set a screensaver.

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Was this an upgrade or "clean" install of Windows 7?

I'm running 2 Acer AL2216Wbd Black 22" 5ms Widescreen LCD Monitor with HDCP support side by side.
Video Card: 7900gtx oc, amd 64 X2 4400+, Asus A8n32 motherboard, and 2 gigs of RAM.

I believe it was an upgrade install. Its weird they just go black to stand by mode then come straight back on within seconds. its getting very annoying. I went into control panel and made sure to have the power settings to never turn off my monitors. I'll try setting a screen saver but i don't know if that will solve much. Please let me know if this info helps. thanks

I've installed both windows update drivers and the nvidia drivers, and still get the flashing of monitors!....


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As I stated previously, there have been issues with dual monitors.

I would imagine the graphic card manufacturers are working on this and will no doubt be corrected by the final version as more and more people are going with the dual monitor setup.

I can only suggest you look over the threads containing references to dual monitor issues.

Click the Search button at the top of the page and type in dual monitors under the threads option.

Sorry I can't be of any further help.

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