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This problem begin start with Windows 10.
When i scroll any directory with files, after some time, about one minute, the cursor points the beginning of the directory as i presses the HOME key.

I already test the same situation scrolling one ou two pages down and after this i wait doing nothing.

The result is the same.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks and best regards


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Hello, again,

As nobody answer this question, i can help Microsoft because the error in now corrected in my computer.
Is a bug of Windows 10 that there is not still corrected.
It happened when i configure:

Start > Personalization > Background - and i choose slideshow.

Everytime a picture change the cursor points the beginning of the file as i explained before.

I think i could help.

Best regards


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Hello guys,

This is not a reply. Is to reforce this problem with Windows 10.
I update the System last October 1 to "Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3176936)".
The problem maintains even the new update.
There is no members with the same problem?
Microsoft does not know this problem?
It is very hard to me working with large amount of photos in one folder and after 10 minutes (Configured for slideshow) the folder points to the beginning.


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Hi there,
I took a look at your problem and I do not see it on my desktop PC; I have 5 machines running W10; most of them on the AU update version (v1607 b14393.187 or v1607 b14393.222). I can't reproduce this problem you are talking about at this point.

One thing I noticed with other people trying to run the AU update v1607 on their computers to the latest build is that they seem to be missing 2 of the other Updates that I have on my system which is running normally. (Blue and Brown) Take a look at this from my UPDATE HISTORY:

Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems(KB3194496)
Successfully installed on 10/1/2016
Update for Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems (KB3176936)
Successfully installed on 10/1/2016
Security Update for Adobe Flash Player on Windows 10 Version 1607 for x64-based Systems(KB3188128)
Successfully installed on 10/1/2016

It might be worth checking your W10 machine's Update History and see if these 2 updates (KB3194496 & KB3188128) are both installed in your computer. If they are not, you can try to download them manually or by forcing WU (Windows Update) to download all available updates into your computer by using the "CHECK UPDATES" button to do so.

It's possible this will solve your problem. :)

If your problem persists, It might clear up some things if we knew the EXACT version of W10 you are running as there are now dozens of versions out there since W10 release date of 7.29.2015. Click on the Start button in W10, and use the <windows-logo-key> + <R-key>which brings up the run command box. Type in the command "winver" into and W10 will pop up a box similar to this:
**NOTE: we need both the Version number (ver.1511 here) as well as the OS Build number (B10586.589) show in the picture above here in the Red Box.

From the description of your problem, you had this issue back in March of 2016 this year, prior to the release of the AU update on Aug. 2nd 2016. There have been several updates since then, about 6 of them to get to the latest OS Build of v1607 b14393.222. If you install the missing 2 updates I list above to get your machine to the latest OS build it may fix your problem.;)

If it does not, you may have other problems with your computer that require your attention such as:
1.) Windows registry corruption
2.) Virus/malware infection
3.) Failing or faulty Hardware such as bad RAM Stick(s) or Hard Drive

Please post back your EXACT W10 version and build number as per above, and make certain you have the missing updates installed. I suspect one of the other problems listed #1-#3 could be causing the issue as you said you had the problem back in March prior to the AU update. That means you could have a pre-existing problem with your machine. :( Also, we find that 99% of the people that run the AU update from v1511 W10 fail!:waah: The only guaranteed solution to this is usually to backup all your personal data to external media and run a W10 Clean Install using the MCT tool available from the Microsoft site and then reinstall all your programs and do a data restore of your personal data back onto your computer. This however assumes, that you have scrubbed your data free of all viruses and spyware viruses along with testing of your hardware to be error-free.;)

Let us know how it goes.



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