Windows 10 After Sleep or Lock Windows Explorer does not work.

Zodiac A17

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Aug 13, 2015
I generally access my PC multiple times throughout the day, so I like to Lock it or put it in Sleep mode. On occasion, the Windows Explorer (if its still called that) does not function after I awaken or unlock my PC. Neither clicking on the button nor pressing the Windows key does anything. I can access limited settings via CTL+ALT+Delete, and going through some right clicking hoops, but I can't do all the file management I would like to do. As such, some of the basic Windows apps fail to open and launch, such as opening a photo, the app crashes on a launch timeout. So my question is there a fix out there for this except for my roundabout Restart/Shutdown and reboot method? Thanks.
if you pop into the advanced power settings via the control panel make sure 'hybrid sleep' is enabled. I'm not sure if this will help but it's worth a try I guess?
Hey, thanks for the suggestion. As far as I can figure, hybrid sleep, or something similar is already enabled.
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