All DVDs burnt do not work, tried many things, need assistance.

Hey there, I joined here a while ago just to poke around at the information but now I require some assistance with something that has me stumped. First I will list my system specs.

Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit (No SP1 Beta)
Intel Q6600 Stock Speeds 2.4Ghz
4Gb DDR2
Nvidia 9800GTX (updated drivers)
XfX 680i LT
NOD32 Antivirus 4

I have an LG GSA-H30N SATA DVD/CD Burner and it has been unable to burn a disc properly for months. I have used several pieces of software over that timespan hopping one of them would work. This includes Roxio,Nero,Imgburn, and the Windows DVD Maker. The discs always burn successfully with no errors but when I use the discs in either my computer, my other computers or a dvd player the discs dont work. There has been times when the dvd menu loads but really slowly and ends up freezing the machine its in untill the eject button is pressed.

I have tried switching the SATA cables, deleting it from the device manager and having windows reinstall it, upgrading the firmware, trying discs from different vendors. Under device manager the device status always says the device is working properly, its detected in the bios just fine, and also according to the device manager its running in DMA Mode/Let BIOS select transfer mode.

If there is any more information that is required I will post it here as soon as possible. Thank you for your help.


Which software are you using to author the DVDs?

Have you tried burning any pre-made DVDs by someone else and then testing how it goes?

If the DVD itself was poorly authored by some software that isn't doing so well, I could see this being the actual problem.

I have used Nero in the past and it has usually worked for me but not anymore. I junked it thinking it was just nero acting up. I have used my fathers machine running similar specs and windows 7 ultimate 64 and was able to make a perfect dvd that worked on my computer, his computer and several dvd players. With the windows dvd maker, using the exact same video file and the same software on my computer, the dvd just freezes everything it touches pretty much,lol. I have tried burning a disc from an already made iso with similar results.


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Maybe a dirty or defective laser? You might try a DVD player cleaning disc.


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What brand of DVD's are you using? The most common problem with unreadable DVD's is quality control at the manufacturer. I bought some Memorex Double Layer DVD's a while back and my dvd player can't read a single one of them. I tried all the different settings and still got nothing but coasters. Then I switched back to Verbatim and they work again. The good people at the disk burning forums recommend using nothing but Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media. They also say use the recommended burn speed settings.


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Do you ever overburn or burn disks that are dirty on the underside? Over burning reduces the life of your laser & can damage it during the burn process & I've come across where even dust can damage your laser. also i wouldn't recommend using a general purpes dvd laser cleaner or anything of the sort for 3 reasons. 1, a dvd rom as 1 laser read only & a dvd/cd burner has 2 which 1 is a reading & the 2nd. Some old ones switch positions & some overlap to do the same job. a DVD laser cleaner will only effect the read laser as you will find it impossible to burn to the disk as it would error. 2, The brush's for general lasers are to hard & abrasive that would damage the burning laser if it should ever make contact & 3, the chemical provided to dab onto the brush would harm both your lasers quality.

Now, from my experience your problem sounds like your burner has had its time. I always make sure i have a spare burner to test things on if my current one starts to make coasters & if problem persists on the spare one then its a good chance its software related, if not its hardware & buy a new writer.

Regardless to how new the product is, defective ones do happen & ive paid out for a well priced one before & it failed to work with specific branded disks or with - format. ebay for a cheap 2nd hand dvd writer, i got one from the UK ebay for £3 & it burns like a dream after a firmware update.

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Does the drive still burn CDs? Since they use different lasers, it might help narrow down the possibilities.

Think you could talk your Dad into swapping drives?

Sorry to hear you're having issues with the LG burner. However, if you've been having these problems for several months it's the burner itself gone south on you.

You might try buy one on eBay as VsUK suggested or try Samsung DVD burners. I have never had any problems at all with the Samsung burners at all, no coasters, no bad burns.

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