Windows 7 All My Network Stuff Doesnt Work


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Before i start, yes i tried the vista drivers and the uninstall reinstall method.

Motherboard - Asus P5E-V HDMI (Onboard Ethernet)
Graphics - Asus 9600GT HDMI
Wireless - Airlive WN-5000PCI v2
Ram - 4x 1Gb Corsair 800mhz Bonded Ram (High Performance)
Optical Drive - DVD-Ram 40x/16x (Forgotten Brand, Believe Liteon)(IDE)
Drives - Seagate 1Tb (Sata) amd Seagate 160Gb (IDE)
Case - Antec Twelve Hundred (5x 100mm Fans, 1x 200mm Fan)
Power Supply - iON 2+ 550w
OS - Windows Xp SP3 Home, Windows 7 Beta

All drivers install happily excepth that for the ethernet and wireless network bits. Latest bios and drivers for vista tried, both non functional.