"All Programs" List from Start Menu Loads Slow First Time

After I restart, or turn off-turn on my pc and go start -> all programs, win7 seems to hang for 7-10 seconds sometimes, then the list appears. After that first "load" of the programs list, it opens normally. I have indexed the start menu, as well as the rest of my drive. Any ideas about what might be causing this?

I have the exact same problem, and haven't found any similar error until now.

Any solution ?

I think I have found the solution. For me, it was the "default programs" icon in the programs menu that took windows forever to load. After deleting it from the programs menu, it seems to be fine. Hope that helps.

That is not the problem here, and when I turned the 'default programs' icon on again it was slow again. Must be something wrong with the startmenu.


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same problem

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