Windows 8 Alot of memory usage shown in task manager ( no app running)


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Dec 26, 2011
I have 4gb ddr3 memory .

Ive checked the new pretty task manager from Win8 and I saw upp to 30% memory usage without runing any app besides task manager ofc. I want to ask if is this normal ?

Ive took some screenshots for most of the entire taks manager window showing apps , background processes and windows processes ( sorry could capture the whole scrolling windows with snagit) ; the third one shows how they are ordered by memory usage :
29-12-2012 20-08-30.png29-12-2012 20-08-56.png29-12-2012 20-08-13.png

took some screenshots from the performance tab also in the same task manager monitorizing my memory and GPU. Tell me if its ok:

29-12-2012 20-11-46.png29-12-2012 20-12-13.png
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