Windows 7 Am I the only one?


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Jan 22, 2009
Am I the only one who seems to have no serious problems after a clean install of W7 7000 x64?
The only problem I have had so far was uninstalling the latest WinZip.
My system is running aswell now as it was under Ultimate Vista, which I paid for.
I am running all the same hardware and software as before.
The only difference is I am running the latest Winmount 3 instead of WinZip and Deamon tools.
My Office 2007 works fine, My photoshop CS3 works as it should, My Itunes works without any problems.(2 ipods and an Iphone)
The only thing I can think of is my system was only built (using all the latest hardware) about 2 months before the install of W7.
The only old bit of kit I am using is the Nvidia 7900GS gfx card and that is because it is part of my water cooled set up
and I don't do games so I didn't need a new card.
Am I lucky or what?
I've been on my computer all week and have had very stable performance. So my overall experience with Windows 7, 32 bit, has been very good. All the hardware and software I've tested seems to be working just fine. The new task bar is working out great for me, as it makes the whole computer experience very user friendly, and fast. It's definitely a step up from Vista and XP. I'm really looking forward to getting the finished version.

So now I'm just going thru the whole program, so I know the details of it. Becoming familiar with everything in the control panel, etc.....I've been on this forum a lot, reading the various posts, and that in itself is teaching me a lot about the W7 program. I also have been visiting the Microsoft TechNet forums for addition info.

nope my windows 7 32 bit works perfect and actually faster then xp (which is amazing btw) i love it and i couldnt ask for anything more fomr microsoft besides some occasional bug fixes. but i can live with them.
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Hi Beaker.
No you are not the only one. If you visit forums such as this one, then, naturally, you will find that the majority of posts are concerned with problems. This could give you an impression that 7 is only problems!
Not so. It is a success story, so far, and not yet in RC.
I must confess that I was a Vista lover. I customised it to the hilt and got it up and running as well as any previous OS. Vista was a good learning experience , with the transition from XP (and earlier) OS's.
If you study the 7 complaints thoroughly, you will notice one or two things. The first is problems users are having, leaping from XP to 7 in one jump. They would be well advised, possibly, to read back in the old Vista forums, where the identical problems were discussed and solutions offered.
Another is with customising freaks (I am One!). they are seeking ways to make things happen, not intended by Microsoft.
Finally, and this is the great news, if you visit 7 specific forums, you will find that, whilst there appear to be a vast number of requests for help, the actual "problems", if you can call them that, are limited to a couple of dozen, but are oft repeated. I have, over the years, collected together as many tips and hints as I could possibly find, browsing the net, plus a few of my own. Experimenting has revealed that 90% of these "tweaks " and hints also work with Windows 7.
I think...

there has been an abnormal amount of hardware conflicts resulting in BSODs, but many have found the problem as I have. Once installed, it runs like a champ. I have a ton of software installed and I'm still only running 32-35 processes at any given time.I like many others faced the troublesome .iso, as well as system failures trying to wake from sleepand a few other annoyances, but hence the keyword here...BETA. I think this is a vast improvement over Vista. I don't like the fact that I can't use flash in IE 8, but I'm sure they'll have that soon enough. So for now it'll be 7 & Xp until the final release.

To bad theres not a compatability mode for some of the lesser known software programs out there.
I've installed Windows 7 Beta on about a dozen systems.
About ten of those installed perfectly, in under 30 mins, and had all drivers installed after a run of Windows Update. (Including both my desktop and laptop)
One of the others had an issue with not finding a driver, which was fixed by using a Vista network driver to get online so I could use WU, and the last one had an issue with connecting to the internet over wifi, and I had to reinstall the OS, upon which it worked perfectly.
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