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Yesterday while I was trying to get my computer to boot again, I discovered another option for recovering your Windows install.

Starting with the blue screen...

I recieved this message, File\boot\BCD
Boot configuration data contains errors.

It told me to insert the installation media to rempair the boot issues.

I did that and it didn't work until I'd done it 3 times, but durring the process I found and option that was labled...

Repair Install.
Restore the windows installation without losing your files or software.

I'm guessing this is only avialable from the install disk, but I didn't know there was any option other then Refresh and Restore?

I just posted in another message that I wished that they had a repair install option like Widnows 7 did.

I wish I could say step by step how I arrived at the page it was on, but at the time I was concerned about getting my computer to boot and didn't realy pay attention to how I got there, but I think it was under advanced options from the page that offered Refresh and Restore.

Does anyone here about this or has actually used it?
I was about ready to go this route when I got my computer to boot, and moved on.



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Hi Mike, you can find it by going to your settings and clicking on updates and recovery for your options. I just tried it and it does work but you will have to reinstall what programs etc... that you downloaded of the internet or disc.
Getting ready to put some of my programs back in now.


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I find the Refresh and Reinstall options there.
But the one I accessed from the install DVD specifically said "Repair" and is said it will not remove your software, files or apps.

You could always do this with Windows 7, which would reset W7 back to like you just installed it, but all of your software would still be present and run without reinstalling.

I believe that the menu I found yesterday was similar but had an additional option called Advanced Repair Options or something like that.

I have used the Refresh option several times lately but since none of my software is installed on my C:\ drive it's still there after Refreshing.

Most of the stuff will run if you make a new link but some of it still need to be reinstalled.

If at some point if you reinstall Window 10 TP or do Refresh again, it's easy to change all the install locations just by changing C:\Program Files, or C:\Program Files (x86) a to D at the front, and the stuff will all end up on your D:\ drive if you have one.

That will keep your C:\Drive very small and easy to backup and restore.
I can restore my System Image in about 15 minutes, and if you have to do a refresh nothing get deleted.


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