Another Windows 7 Networking Problem

Please bear with me...I've never posted to a forum requesting computer help before as I've always been able to figure things out (given enough time.) I'm stumped with this on, though.

I'm running Windows 7 RTM 64-bit (direct from Microsoft TechNet). I cannot get network connectivity after booting up probably 80% of the time. I've checked my networking settings (dynamic IP addressing handed out by my router) and when I can't connect I get and IP of I do an ipconfig /release and /renew but nothing. I've turned off the router and the computer in every combination possible. My drivers are all up to date.

I'm thinking it must be a confilict with an installed program or driver because when I boot up in safe mode (networking) and load only essential programs/drivers then I'm good. However, when I try enabling each driver one-by-one to try to isolate the conflict network connectivity is still hit or miss (meaning a certain configuration will work once then not work, then work, get the picture.)

I'm pulling my hair out on this one. I've run troubleshooter but it does no good. I've re-installed XP from an image and all is great - no network problems at all.

What am I missing?

Are there any errors in the event logs? This may give you a titch of incite as to why you are not able to get any network connectivity.

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