AntiVirus needed in Win 7 XP Compatibility Mode?


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When I go into Windows XP Mode to use an old scanner, I note the icon in the lower right tray says my PC may be at risk because no AntiVirus is installed. Question - do I have to install an AntiVirus inside the virtual XP mode on top of the AntiVirus currently installed on Win 7?


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I haven't yet had the luxury to use XP mode as I'm currently using Windows 7 Home Premium,
But as I understand, it runs seamlessly, meaning it shouldn't require any of those things, are you sure this isn't just an XP virtual machine, again sorry, as I haven't experienced it yet.

Joe S

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Yes you need to install antivirus there too. Use Avast free I've had good luck with it.


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Ok, seems how you do, thanks for the info Joe, You can choose which suite you want to install.
Whatever works for you.

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