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Windows 8 Any one have any idea why none of the game apps will install?


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May 25, 2009

I've been trying to get one of the FreeCell games installed on my new computer.
I've found a few in the Apps Store but none of them will install.

I just tried another one, named Games Chest, which includes FreeCell but as always it just starts the process and then says this app could not be installed.

Any ideas?


Thanks for the response, but everything seems to be working, but when I try and install any apps it always says "This app could not be installed." no reason, no error message, just that message.

At one point I had 3 apps in queue to install, it would say Installing apps in the upper right corner of the Start Screen and then the message, "3 Apps could not be installed".

Not a big problem, I will do better just looking online but I don't get what's going on.

I'm going to copy the games from my wife's Windows 7 computer and get them that way instead.

I have a Microsoft account.


Well I've got all the old Windows games transferred from my wife's computer and up and running.
So the heck with the Metro Apps.

I had done this before so it wan't a big deal, but I was really trying to work within the rules. LOL

Anyway if anyone wants to have there old games work in Windows 8 just copy the Microsoft Games Folder, from a Windows 7 computer and place it in the C:\Program Files folder if you have a 64 bit computer or the Program Files (x86) folder if you have a 32 bit computer.

Copy the Cardgames.dll file from the System 32 folder, and place it in each of the games folders, i.e. Freecell, Hearts etc.

Run this script...

Link Removed

All your virus checkers will go off but it's safe as far as I know.
I did this on my old computer using the script from this same site and never had any problems.

When it's done and the games work, I let Defender removed some stuff but the games still work afterwords.

You must have the Microsoft Firewall operating, in order to install apps from the "Store". Just for the test, I have this moment installed Freecell and card games chest. Both running 100%
HI Dave

Ok that explains why I can't install anything.
I'll just forget about it now that I know the reason.

It'd be nice if they gave you some clue about the reason that things don't work sometimes.

I don't know how this got in here twice.
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It is obvious that I am trying to support MS with Windows 8. But I find it hard to comprehend why I should be obliged to use only their Firewall in order to use any part of the OS.