Any Webroot Tips and Suggestions

Axel PC

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So I've officially dumped Kaspersky after years of being a loyal customer and moved to Webroot. I decided on Webroot because of all the good Customer reviews on forums and websites versus YouTube reviews. Which to be honest at first that YT reviews is what kept me away. But I've already noticed a system performance increase with Webroot vs Kaspersky. And my laptop isn't very old. It's an i7 6500, 16MB ram, and M.2 SSD so it's not slouch. But start ups are faster and Firefox opens up faster too.

I'm not very impressed with the UI and how to click through to the options. But if I'm well protected that's alright. And that's the main part of my post. Can any Webroot users give me their tips and suggestions on how to maximize Webroot's security settings, share any experiences they've had with it, maybe what secondary scan software they use that pairs well with it, also any bad experiences with it as well.

Oh yeah do you enable the Webroot Filtering Extension? I haven't yet. I still want to look into whether the Firefox addons I have (Ublock Origin, Cookie AutoDelete, Decentraleyes, HTTPS Everywhere are just as good or better).



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Yeah the interface isn't the best, but there's nothing you really need to tweak to increase the security. I believe there is some more aggressive scanning, but I'll need to wait until I'm home to confirm. I've never used any secondary tools, but you can run windows defender along side it. The URL extension is better than any browser add-on since it's running at a much lower level than any browser add-on (it's driver driven)

I still use AdBlock, Ghostery, HTTPSanywhere and privacy badger in chrome and EMET in max security mode.

Axel PC

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OK thanks. Oh man I don't know if I'm brave enough to just have Webroot and Windows Defender lol. Yeah I forgot to mention I'm using EMET as well, thanks to you guys for the recommendation on that one.

Alright I'll enable the browser extension.