Insider Preview Anybody notice the Network Data Usage page?


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This information seems to be useful in 10074 on the Settings/Network and Internet page.. It shows what on your system is actually using network data.

But it may not last long when Microsoft realizes it shows Data usage by such things as the Free Sudoku game. They may not want the bandwidth being used by advertisers being known. Especially for folks on some type of limited network access.

It is also a shame the second largest user of network bandwidth is WerFault... ;)

Anyone looking at moving parts of their install might check out the Storage Settings..

I am saddened Microsoft has still not added the ability to Meter an Ethernet connection.....

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When I first discovered it, I had a look through the (very long) list. I could not figure out exactly what it was monitoring. For one example of several, it showed usage of Wordpad. This has absolutely no bearing on Internet usage. I have the skydrive turned off, so it was not in any way automatically loading stuff up there. In the end I decided to forget the facility existed.


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If it is showing usage, it is probably doing something, although it may not be from the internet but your local LAN. Transferring a file from one system to another would probably show up.

Sudoku has used 17 MBs in the "Last 30 Days" so I have to assume that is either some update or more likely the streaming ads. I am also not sure yet what the time frame means. It would be nice if you could reset to match some specific period, such as you internet bill.

You can see Windows Media Player seems to spend some time with its service running checking other systems. But it does give you a feel for what might be happening on your network. It would be most useful for folks with metered network connections. I will have to look and see if there is any way to set it to watch just for a specific IP address and not show local traffic.

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