Anyone Here That Loves This Forum?


Hi Just wondering if anyone here loves Windows Forum as much as I do. I'm no stranger to help forums. I've been searching for this kind a help forum for 12 years. I really doubted that one existed until I found Windows Forum!
Thanks @Mike You are appreciated my friend. Is there any way I can help you keep this forum going?
Feeling a little sentimental tonight and thought it was time to say.
Thanks @Mike for a great help forum my friend!
Mike does do a lot behind the scenes which many never get to hear about apart from an odd report here and there. So yes Mike deserves a big thank you and more!
Thank you. I tend to think it is the people who use the site that make it great, as well as keep it running. So it is quite the team effort here.
Hi Mike! I'll post here on this thread and try to stay out of trouble. I asked once how I could join the premium supporter, but you never replied.
I would like to be one!;)
There are some great people here and I'm glad I can be a part of all this.